J. Christy Ramsey

Who I Want To Be

I act
I separate myself from anxiety
I am quiet when attacked
I am always clear in my beliefs
I am amused by bullies
I seek to challenge rather than comfort
I value responsibility over surveys
I reject my culture’s definition
I get my work done
I rejoice when my approval level drops
I spend time resting and playing
I spend time with my wife and family
I focus on the strong and the brave
I free hostages
I always take criticism impersonally
I last longer than those that oppose me
I am persistent in the face of opposition
I am outrageous rather than outraged
I stay in relationship with people
I love taking a punch
I connect with others
I can choose many responses
I sustain in the face of sabotage
I respond to crisis out of my best self
I am less anxious than those I serve
I disarm terrorists
I seek to play with people not save them
I am calm when threatened
I fight only real threats
I expect my leadership to be rejected
I continue toward my goal at all times
I am vulnerable and transparent
I am immune to temper tantrums
I soar and dive
I exercise body and spirit
I will die
I put my hope in God
I demand my responsibilities
I pay the cost
I expect punishment for good deeds
I seek to understand others
I expect some to misunderstand me
I learn from criticism
I may be wrong
I seek and use advice
I watch the compass not the clock
I lead instead of manage
I transform not transact
I learn and change
I seek the important not the urgent
I am a non-anxious presence
I get direction from dreams
I give away control
I handle with care
I take the long term view
I announce when I am wrong.
I communicate support, empathy & truth
I assume ignorance not malice